November 20, 2013

Expanding activity

Lately, I was expanding my activity.
First, there were the Holidays, and when making my crafted gifts, I used my paintings to decorate them. I made coasters and key holders, and also Mezuzah cases and wine charms.
True, crafting is a hobby, but things came out so beautiful and so warmly accepted, that it convienced me to open a second shop for housewares and gifts:

art print coasters

wine charms

And then I thought: if I can use my own paintings on coasters, why not make them available too?
Well, you can't expect everybody to buy original art - but there are other ways to make my art accessible.
So I oppened a third shop for art prints, calendars, bookmarks and other graphics for instant download:

digital painting for instant download

printable bookmarks for instant download

Now, isn't it the most wonderful excuse for my long absence?