May 15, 2013

Thundering art

As I told you before, I began knitting chains for pendants, which later became a new line of jewelry. Still, knitting and crocheting seemed to be just a craft, not yet art. The inspiration came out of the technique, and was limited, like there's not much else to design.
My creativity came to halt.

I also told you how much I love spring rain. I love the large raindrops and the clear air, but mostly I enjoy thunder storms. We had some of them in the past few days, and since they always "charge" me somehow with fresh energy - they did so this weekend, too.

work in progress

How is this relevent?

So far I used knitting in the same manner, as a continuity of those chains and only a little further designed.

Today I woke up to the sound of loud thunder, the color of dark gray sky and the mist of heavy rain. Normally, my artistic ideas present themself to me using dreams or images - mostly in awakening. Often I forget many of them, and that's why I asked my mate to build me a dream capturing camera :)

Since he failed to fulfill my wish, I took my notepad (which constantly lays within my reach), and began sketching from memory. The designs just kept pouring out of me - wonderful artistic designs!!!

The next stage is to "translate" those designs to technical details, and to knit them - which I already began doing.

It feels like birth, or something quite similar.
I'm so thrilled!!!

work in progress